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Last year I ate 12 Easter eggs.. this year I just went for a walk

in Asheville, North Carolina
Published: 13 Apr 2009

BEAMING Georgia Davis told how she shunned Easter eggs yesterday - after last year pigging out on a DOZEN as Britain's fattest teenager.

The choc-loving schoolgirl who weighed 33st at 15 instead stuck to the low-fat diet that has seen her lose a whopping TWELVE stone.
Before ... Georgia was told to lose 20st or DIE
Before ... Georgia was told to lose 20st or die
She also treated herself to something else new at the US "academy" for fatties that has saved her life... EXERCISE.
Shock ... August's Sun
Shock ... August's Sun
Georgia said before setting out on an Easter Sunday trek in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains: "Last Easter, I ate 12 chocolate eggs.
"This Easter I'm going on a picnic near a beautiful waterfall. I'll do lots of walking and eat healthy food.
"I'm really happy with my life now."
The Sun exclusively revealed in August how doctors had warned chronically-obese Georgia her massive bulk was killing her.
They gave her a terrifying ultimatum: "Lose TWENTY stone or die."
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Later that month the youngster left her Aberdare home in South Wales for America - after being given a special scholarship to the world's leading "weight loss academy".
Yesterday she showed off the dramatic results of combining her school lessons with healthy eating and exercise.
She has shrunk from a size 38 to a size 24 - meaning that for the first time she can wear fashionable clothes.
Battling Georgia, who donned a pair of trousers she wore last summer to show off her astonishing weight loss, said proudly: "This proves I'm no longer the fattest teenager in Britain.
From choc lover to sweet sixteen ... Georgia weighed 33st seven months ago, she is now 12st lighter on diet and exercise
From choc lover to sweet sixteen ... Georgia weighed 33st seven months ago & is now 12st lighter on diet & exercise
"I never dreamed I'd get this far so quickly."
The 5ft 6in youngster, now 16, vowed: "I've wasted enough of my youth being overweight.
Fat to fit ... Georgia Davis in academy gym
Fat to fit ... Georgia Davis in academy gym
"Now it's time to look forward to the rest of my life."
Georgia told how she had even beaten the Type 2 diabetes she was diagnosed with - and the crippling aches and pains she suffered.
She said: "My diabetes has gone and so has my hip and back pain.
"I feel better in myself and I can even feel a difference in my skin and hair."
Her life was saved by the Wellspring academy - where Georgia shares a dormitory with seven fellow overweight girls.
Speaking at the school - situated in the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains - Georgia said: "I haven't just changed physically - my personality is different too.
"I'm a lot more sociable and happy and my confidence has really grown. I can't believe how active I've become.


"Now I love hiking, basketball, volleyball, football - and next week I'm even going rafting."
She said: "At home I'd eat anything and everything.
Old slacks ... Georgia with her coach
Old slacks ... Georgia with her coach
"But when I first arrived here my food intake was controlled for me."
That meant just 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day - all of it low-fat healthy grub.
Junk food fan Georgia was also encouraged to get fit - starting off by walking 10,000 steps every day.
As she retrained her metabolism, her strict calorie limits were gradually eased.
Georgia said of the food she is allowed: "Throughout the year it's been made more and more available - as I've learned to eat the right things. Now I love eating fajitas, ham steaks and lots of salad and vegetables.
"My favourite meat is buffalo which is really low in fat."
Georgia arrived at the pioneering boarding school on August 30 after it was recommended by a nurse in the UK.
The academy employs highly-trained psychologists to discover the emotional reasons behind students' obesity.
Each pupil is assigned a behavioural coach who helps them discover the cause of their eating disorder.
Illness ... mum Lesley
Illness ... mum Lesley


Georgia said: "Back in Wales in our small council house I was just sitting indoors looking after my mum Lesley.
She has had two heart attacks and lives with a painful bone condition.
"It made me feel sad, depressed and shy, which is partly why I turned to food for comfort.
"I love my mum more than anything in the world and I liked helping her.
"But there was nothing else in my life."
At the academy, school lessons run from 9am to 3pm - interspersed with courses in fitness and nutrition.
Mentor ... Georgia, right, with pal Vicky
Mentor ... Georgia, right, with pal Vicky
Georgia has now become a mentor to fellow student and pal Victoria Long.
The 16-year-old, from South Carolina, checked into Wellspring on February 22. Like Georgia she weighed over 33st.
Victoria has shed 3st thanks to encouragement from her Brit chum. She said: "Georgia basically told me, 'I did it - you can too'."

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